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 Lianna Angel

Lianna Angel

Research Associate, School Health Research Network, DECIPHer

+44 (0)29 2068 7751
1-3 Museum Place, Cathays, Cardiff, CF10 3BD


I have worked as a researcher at Cardiff University since 2012. Prior to this I worked for 6 years as a project manager at a market research company focusing mainly on visitor and trend surveys.

I am currently a Research Associate at DECIPHer (2019 - present), following 6 years working as a Data Manager at the Centre for Trials Research (CTR) (2013 - 2019).

I have a strong project management background, and as such my research experience at Cardiff University has been broad and eclectic, ranging from school-based intervention, data linkage projects and various drug RCTs.

I am currently working on a sexual health intervention within secondary schools and FE colleges across England and Wales.

My research interests lie in mental health interventions and resilience narratives.


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