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 Morgan Jenkins

Morgan Jenkins

Senior Technician

School of Biosciences

W 3.13, Sir Martin Evans Building, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX


I graduated from Keele University with a Dual Honours Biochemistry with Forensic Science degree in 2017. Following this I started volunteering as part of the CEMPOP (Community Enterprise Model for Plant Oil Production) group. In early 2019 I was appointed as the senior technician on a BBSRC funded project to enhance essential oil feedstocks in natively grown mint varieties in rural Uganda.

Part of my responsibilities include screening mint varieties for those with naturally high valuable oil production (menthol, carvone, etc.). This is then coupled with large scale DNA barcoding of pretty much any mint variety I can get so if you have any in your garden you don’t want then just send them my way.