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 Nia Richards

Nia Richards

High Throughput Experimental Officer

School of Chemistry

0.74D, 0.119, Main Building, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT


Graduated Cardiff Univeristy with a second class honours Master of Chemistry in 2015.
Undertook a PhD in the Cardiff Catalysis Insistute in October 2015 under the supervision of Regius Professor Graham Hutchings CBE and Professor Stanislaw Golunski, investigating the decomposition of nitrous oxide.
After completeion of PhD, started as the High Throughput Experimental Officer at Cardiff Catalysis Insitute, working with a high throughput 16 bed low pressure and 16 bed high pressure reactor for high throughput catalysts testing.
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.






I am an experimental officer within the Cardiff Catalysis Institute who operates the high throughput reactor. This comprises of two 16 bed units, one low pressure that is capable of heating to 800 °C using quartz reactor tubes, and one high pressure unit that can be pressurised to 70 bar and 450 °C using stainless steel reactor tubes. Both units are connected online to GC and FTIR analysis. Examples of reactions that can be performed are, propane oxidative de-hydrogenation on the low pressure, and CO2 to methanol on the high-pressure unit. A high throughput reactor is used to decrease the time taken to perform catalytic tests, with the capability to test 16 catalysts at one time.

I also manage the Solid State NMR within the Chemistry department.

Areas of expertise