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 Emyr Williams

Emyr Williams

Research Fellow, Y Lab

School of Social Sciences


I am a Research Fellow working at Y Lab supporting and promoting experimentation and innovation in public services in Wales, as well as lecturing in social policy at the School of Social Sciences.

I have a strong passion for involving people in decisions which affect them. I am therefore exploring projects which maximise public participation in policy making as well as innovations in governance and public engagement. This includes democratic innovations such as deliberative democracy, participatory budgeting and digital democracy. My research has a particular focus on the impact of these innovations on participants as well as how democratic innovations fit into a wider democratic participatory system.

I also have a particular interest in how public money can be spent more intelligently to improve local economies through anchor institutions, pro active procurement and effective forward planning with multiple partners.

See the Biography section for my full list of publications in these areas.

In previous roles I have worked as a Community Development Manager on the Gurnos estate in Merthyr, a Project Manager for a youth charity, a Research Manager at Cardiff Council Scrutiny Services and as a Research Associate at the Welsh Centre for Public Policy.


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