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Dr David Jamieson

Dr David Jamieson

Post Doctoral Research Associate

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Available for postgraduate supervision


I currently hold a postdoctoral position in the group of Dr Oliver Castell where I am using electrophysiological measurements and single molecule imaging to grow projects ranging from the development of photostable environmentally sensitive fluorescent probes to real time imaging of the function and behaviour of protein pores.


I undertook my PhD in biophysical chemistry at the University of Bath where I developed fluorescence based nanoscale lipid / polymer biosensors for the rapid detection of bacterial haemolysins. In particular I focused on a group of peptides from S.aureus called phenol soluble modulins.
On completion of my PhD I undertook a position at Public Health England where I worked towards the development of a microfluidic phenotypic assay for the rapid detection of carbapenemases in the ESKAPEE group of bacterial pathogens.
Outside work I like to climb, swim, walk, play video games, code and watch rugby.







Overall my interests lie at the interface between microbiology, biophysics, biochemistry infectious disease and healthcare.
I can help you with Microscopy, Matlab, microbiology, CAD and 3D printing among others.


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