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 Jannat Ahmed

Jannat Ahmed

Digital Publishing Tutor


I graduated from Cardiff University in 2018, with a master's degree in English Literature and I have been professionally involved in digital publishing since 2017. As well as being an editorial assistant at Romantic Textualities, I also founded Lucent Dreaming, an independent online and print magazine supporting emerging authors and artists worldwide.

My interests span eighteenth-century print culture to twenty-first century digital culture. I am currently a freelance editor based in Cardiff Bay.


Born and bred in Wales, I studied English Literature at Cardiff University at undergraduate (BA (Hons) 2013-16) and postgraduate level (MA 2016-17). During my MA I worked as an editorial assistant at Romantic Textualities, an online academic journal, and founded Lucent Dreaming, an independent creative writing magazine that I continue to run.


Past projects