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 Kombola Ramadhani Mussa

Kombola Ramadhani Mussa

Early Career Research Fellow Leverhulme Trust

School of Modern Languages


I am Leverhulme Research Fellow in the School of Modern Languages and Translation Studies at Cardiff University. 

My recent work investigates the history of the Zigula, an ethnic group based in Somalia and Tanzania, as a distinctive and instructive example of African diaspora and of multilingual experiences. The Zigula experienced a number of migrations within and outside Africa, moving from Tanzania to Somalia, and then to Kenya, Italy, and the US. In particular, the project employs categories elaborated by critical race theory, oral history and memory studies to analyse the case of the Italian Zigula, exploring the creation of post-colonial and multicultural Italian identities in the context of widespread racial prejudice.


I hold a PhD in Italian Studies from Reading University. My PhD thesis offers an in-depth analysis of the writings of three Italian migrant writers. Specifically, it discusses several of the different forms taken by orality and explores the relationship between orality and literacy, by analysing the work of: Kossi Komla Ebri (from Togo), Tahar Lamri (from Algeria) and Yousif Jaralla (from Iraq).