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Dr Alexander Dietz

Dr Alexander Dietz


School of English, Communication and Philosophy

1.37, John Percival Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU

I am part of the School's Philosophy team. My main interests are in normative ethics and moral psychology.

I have focused so far on two main areas of research. First, I have been interested in whether groups of people might possess their own normative reasons for action, and in how these might be related to the reasons possessed by the individual members of the group. For example, if we ought to do something, does that mean that I ought to do my part?

Second, I have been interested in connections between normative ethics and moral psychology. In particular, I have been interested in the 'paradox of hedonism' (the idea that desiring pleasure exclusively can make us less happy) and the analogous 'paradox of desire satisfaction' (the idea that desiring desire satisfaction exclusively can leave us unsatisfied), and in whether they pose a problem for the idea that pleasure or desire satisfaction is what is ultimately desirable.

I am also interested in effective altruism.

2018 - Present: Lecturer in Philosophy, Cardiff University
2013 - 2018: PhD in Philosophy, University of Southern California
2010 - 2013: MA in Philosophy, Tufts University
2006 - 2010: BA in Political Science and Philosophy, Tufts University