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Dr Dimitrios Xenias BSc Crete, MA Durham, PhD Hull

Dr Dimitrios Xenias

BSc Crete, MA Durham, PhD Hull

Research Associate

+44 (0)29 2087 0714
Tower Building, 70 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT


Research summary

My research focuses on the social psychology of sustainable behaviours (and  associated technologies) and behaviour change. Specifically, in several projects since 2010 I have been studying:

  • water and energy perceptions and use
  • attitudes to energy systems and new technologies (e.g. Carbon Capture and  Storage, renewable energy, electric vehicles)
  • travel behaviour and climate risks communication

I use quantitative (e.g. surveys, experiments) and qualitative (e.g. interviews, focus groups) methods.

I am a Research Affiliate of the Sustainable Places Research  Institute at Cardiff University, the Tyndall  Centre for Climate Change Research, and an external reviewer for the  European Commission and UKRI.

Previous work includes an ESRC project on intergroup anxiety employing  various methods including psychophysiology, self report measures, surveys and  interviews.

My PhD research was on social psychology; specifically the study of  facial expression, emotion and social context.

Teaching summary

Year 1: Personal/Academic tutor for first year students, essay and report  marking for level 4/5 modules.
Year 2: Personal/Academic tutor for second year students, marking level 5  module coursework.
Year 3: Final year project supervision.


Postgraduate education

Durham University,   MA (Distinction)
University   of Hull,  PhD


2009  – present: Research Associate, School of  Psychology, Cardiff University
2005  – 2009: Research Associate,  Schools of Social Sciences and Psychology, Cardiff University
2004  – 2005: Teaching Fellow, Department of Psychology, University of Hull
2001  – 2004: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Psychology, University of Hull

Professional Membership

BPS - British Psychological Society
ISRE - International Society for the Study  of Emotion
EASP - European Association of Social  Psychology
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
Climate  Change Commission for Wales

Reviewer For

European  Commission (Research Executive Agency)
Environment and Planning A
Environment and Planning C
Journal of Urban Affairs
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
Natural Resources Forum
Transportation  Research Part A: Policy and Practice


















Research topics and related papers

CurrentSummary: Sustainability and travel behaviour. Perceptions  of climate risks, and climate change scepticism. Energy related behaviours and  energy systems. Behaviour change.

2017-2019: Researcher in CASPI, an ERC funded project on Low-Carbon lifestyles and behavioural spillover.

2015-2017: Researcer in CONTAIN,  an ESPRC research project on Carbon Capture and Storage.

2013-2016: I was Co-Investigator in eBRIDGE, an IEE - EU research project on sustainable transport.

2013-2016: Researcher in eBRIDGE, an IEE - EU research project on sustainable transport, with Lorraine  Whitmarsh.

2013: I was a  co-Investigator in a Welsh Crucible project on public perceptions of water use.

2013: I led a project on  influencing drivers’ behaviour to promote eco-driving habits.

2011-2013: I was a co-Investigator  in a UKERC project on Scenarios  for the development of smart grids in the UK.

2009-2011:  I was involved in REACT, an FP7 - EU research project on sustainable transport, with Lorraine  Whitmarsh.

Past topics As a postdoctoral researcher, I worked on an ESRC project on  Prejudice and Intergroup anxiety, employing various methods including  psychophysiology, self report measures, surveys and interviews, with Katy  Greenland and Greg  Maio.

PhD  research: emotion and social psychology; specifically the study of facial  expression, emotion and social context with Arvid Kappas.  Facial expression is perceived as the most powerful way of communicating one's  emotions to others. During my PhD I studied emotional and contextual influences  on facial expression.


2015-2017: CONTAIN, an ESPRC  research project on Carbon Capture and Storage.

2013-2016: eBRIDGE empowering e-fleets for business and private purposes in cities.

2013: Shell Promoting eco-driving behaviours. With L. Whitmarsh, S. Skippon.

2012-2013: Welsh Crucible project “All for  Water”. A. Mitra, A. Babatunde, J. Kettle, D. Xenias.

2011-2013: UKERC Scenarios for the development of smart  grids in the UK. N. Ozkan, G. Taylor, L. Whitmarsh, L. Cipcigan, T. Rodden,  A. Spence, P. Connor, C. Mitchell, D. Xenias, S. Bell.

2011-2012:  ESRC Centre for Business Relationships Accountability Sustainability and  Society (BRASS).

2010: Cardiff University  Interdisciplinary activities award for Low-carbon Transport  collaboration.

2009-2011: REACT– FP7 project on sustainable  transport, with Lorraine Whitmarsh.

2005–2009: ESRC project on Prejudice and Intergroup  anxiety, with Katy Greenland and Greg Maio.

2001–2005:  Hull University PhD bursary on emotion and facial  expression with Arvid  Kappas.

Research group

Understanding  Risk Group
Social  & Environmental Psychology Group

Research collaborators

Adam  Corner (Climate Outreach)
Katy Greenland (Social Sciences, Cardiff University)
Arvid Kappas (Psychology,  Jacobs University)
Paul  Nieuwenhuis (Business  School, Cardiff University)
Anja  Peters (Fraunhofer  ISI, Germany)
Wolfgang Schade (M-Five Scientific Consultancy, Germany)
Steve  Skippon (Principal Scientist, Shell)
Ian Walker (Psychology, University of Bath)
Peter  Wells (Business School, Cardiff University)
Lorraine  Whitmarsh (Psychology, Cardiff University)


PhD Supervision

-Conor John - Pro-environmental behaviours of visitors in a National Park

Past projects