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I am a lecturer at the National Software Academy, School of Computer Science & Informatics, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate modules in Java and performance & scalability. Prior to this, I was a Research Assistant on the EU Horizon 2020-funded SWITCH project, investigating how the SWITCH workbench could be adapted to support CUDA through experiments on Amazon Web Services.

My PhD project was in the interdisciplinary field of Bioinformatics. I implemented methods for finding molecular co-evolution on CUDA-enabled graphics cards, allowing these methods to be used on the entire human proteome for the first time.


While studying for my BSc Computer Science at Cardiff University, I became interested in HPC and its potential for allowing problems in Medicine to be solved faster than ever before. Leading on from this, I did my PhD, again at Cardiff, in Computer Science, but the project was more broadly a Bioinformatics project, as not only did I implement methods for solving Biological problems on CUDA-enabled graphics cards, but I also analysed the results I obtained from a Medical perspective.

Straight after my PhD, I worked briefly as a Research Assistant on the EU Horizon 2020-funded SWITCH project, doing experiments involving getting the CUDA code I wrote during my PhD to work on Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances, and investigating how the SWITCH workbench could support CUDA in the future. After this position, I worked for a few months as a Teacher at Cardiff University, which involved some lecturing (mostly first-year BSc Java) and also marking courseworks and exams. This led on nicely to my current position in the School of Computer Science and Informatics, as a Lecturer for the National Software Academy.






I am module leader for the following modules:

  • Performance and Scalability (2nd year BSc)
  • Programming Principles and Practice (MSc)

I am also a Personal Tutor to BSc and MSc students, supervise final year BSc and MSc dissertation projects, and am an Admissions Tutor for our undergraduate courses.

My research interests are mainly in high performance computing (HPC), and particularly in the use of CUDA-enabled graphics cards. I have also done research into the use of CUDA with Cloud-based technologies.