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 Esin Karahan

Esin Karahan

Research Associate

School of Psychology


Research summary

Neuroimaging modalities including functional MRI, diffusion weighted imaging and EEG/MEG give us the possibility to localize and measure the brain activity non-invasively in high temporal and spatial resolutions. However, multimodal imaging is challenging since each modality reflect different physiological processes at different temporal and spatial scales. In my PhD, I worked on the integration of EEG-fMRI signals on the cortical surface by decomposing the signals of these modalities on the common and discriminant subspaces with higher order dimensional methods. Currently I am interested in the integration of behavioural models and the neuroimaging (DWI, FMRI and MEG) data for decision making processes. For more information:

Teaching summary

I have supervised intern MSc students and have helped to supervise PhD students. I was teaching assistant for engineering based course during my postgraduate studies.


Undergraduate education

BSc in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Postgraduate education

MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Awards/External Committees

Awarded by the International Doctoral Research Fellowship Program by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) to visit Cuban Neuroscience Center in 2013
Full fellowship for the FENS-IBRO training school ’Imaging Brain Function in Animals and Humans’
FEN scholarship for undergraduates


Research Associate at CUBRIC (2017 September - current)
Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China (2015-2017)
Research Assistant at Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey (2008-2015)







Research topics and related papers

Multimodal neuroimaging, Brain Connectivity, Granger causality, EEG source imaging, Mathematical modeling, Optimization, Tensors/high dimensional arrays and tensor decompositions.

Research group

Cognitive Neuroscience

Research collaborators

Dr Jiaxiang Zhang

Prof Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa, Prof Ahmet Ademoglu


Past projects