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 Sofia Pereira

Sofia Pereira

Research Associate

School of Psychology


Research summary

There is currently no computational understanding how the various  sleep phases contribute to higher level processing. Given the complexity of the  system, the need for a computational framework is becoming increasingly clear.  Likewise, we believe that implementation of the sleep phases is important for  developing next generation AI. Therefore, we are working towards the  development of a computational interpretation of the various sleep phases.

Teaching summary

Neurophysiology  and Neuroanatomy for Medicine undergraduates under Problem-Based Learning  Methodology (UFPR, 2017)
Neuroscience  and Education for Pedagogy undergraduates (UFPR, 2017)


Undergraduate education

Bs in Biological Sciences at Federal University of Parana (2005 – 2008)

Postgraduate  Education

Ms. in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Federal University of Parana (2009 – 2011)
PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Federal University of Parana (2012 – 2016)


Professor at Federal University of Parana (2017 – 2018)



Research topics and related papers

Artificial Intelligence
Sleep and Targeted Memory Reactivation


European Research Council Consolidator Grant

Research group

Laboratory of Neuroscience and the Psychology of Sleep (NaPS)

Research collaborators

Prof. Penny Lewis (Cardiff University)
Prof. Mark van Rossum (University of Nottingham)
Dr. Scott Lowe (University of Nottingham)


Past projects