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 Vasiliki Kolovou

Vasiliki Kolovou

Research Assistant - Health Check Advisor

At present, I am working as a research assistant  for the Phase 3 ABACus trial, which is managed by the Centre for Trials Research (CTR) at the Heath.

Before I started my work with the ABACus3 trial, I had worked with various research projects such as the optimization of clinical diagnostics for MDS(The University of Sheffield), the introduction of new Spinraza treatments for SMA patients (The University of Athens, Greece) and non-clinical interventions for child/family nutrition and wellbeing (Healthy Start Bradford).

I am interested in challenging health inequities and promoting patient empowerment. 

2019 The University of Sheffield - BSc Medical Genetics, Dissertation title: Clinical Diagnostics of Haematological Malignancies.

Honours and awards

Sustained Commitment to Outreach and Recruitment by The University of Sheffield (2018)

Best Presentation Award for the Annual Research Project (2015)

Areas of expertise

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