Professor David Marshall

Professor David Marshall

Professor of Computer Vision

School of Computer Science and Informatics

I am a member of the Visual Computing Research Group. I am also Director of the interdisciplinary Human Factors Technology Centre involving the Schools of Engineering, Psychology and Computer Science and Informatics. My research interests cover a range of topics in computer vision, from low-level processing of images (both 2D and 3D) to high-level modelling and object recognition strategies, and data/information fusion. For many years I worked on 3D imagery with applications in object recognition and automatic inspection of mechanical objects. This research continues in the area of reverse engineering - building boundary representation CAD models from point data scanned from the surface of engineering objects. Other recent research activities have investigated eigenanalysis of images where some core algorithms have been developed to incrementally build and learn eigenmodels. This work has been applied to articulated human motion and speech driven facial animation. One other area of current interest in data/information fusion, where my research has been driven by defence/military applications with funding from British Aerospace and the newly established MOD funded Data Information Fusion Defence Technology Centre (