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Dr Patricia Gasalla

Dr Patricia Gasalla

Research Associate, Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Institute

School of Medicine

+44 2920875380
10.5, Tower Building, 70 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT


Behavioural Neuroscience

My research interests are broadly the study of learning, memory, motivation, and the biological basis underlying these processes. Particularly, my work focuses on understanding the learning of affective responses and how the environment and previous experiences can influence those responses. My interests also include animal models of psychiatric disorders such depression, schizophrenia, and drug abuse.



Subject and grade

Institution and year



University of Oviedo, 2009


Master in Neuroscience Research

University of Oviedo, 2010


International PhD in Psychology   

University of Oviedo, 2014

Honours and awards

Clarín-COFUND Grant                                                                                               2017

Conferring institution: FICYT co-funded by the 7th WP of the European Union, Marie Curie Actions.

“Severo Ochoa” Pre-doctoral Grant                                                                          2010

Conferring institution: FICYT, Foundation for the Promotion in Asturias of Applied Scientific Research and Technology.

M.E.C. Grant                                                                                                                2009

Collaboration grant in the animal learning laboratory, University of Oviedo

Conferring institution: Education and Science Ministry of Spain


Academic positions

Current Post

 2018-present     Research Associate, NMHRI, Cardiff University

 Previous Post 

2015-2018     Research Associate, Department of Psychology, Cardiff University


Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

 2020  "Psychology of Learning"  201_80_519_03

Univeristy of Oviedo

2013-2014   “Learning and Conditioning” GPSICO01-1-008       

                     “Motivation and Emotion” GPSICO01-2-009            

2012-2013   “Learning and Conditioning” GPSICO01-1-008      

                     “Motivation and Emotion” GPSICO01-2-009          


Figueroa J, Gasalla P, Müller M, Dwyer D. (2020) Socially conditioned flavor preferences with fluids: Transfer with solid foods, palatability, and testing constraints. Physiology and Behaviour, 223:112976.

López, M, Dwyer, D. M., & Gasalla, P. (2019). Conditioned hedonic responses elicited by contextual cues paired with nausea or with internal pain. Behavioral neuroscience, 133(1), 86. 

Dwyer, Figueroa, J., Gasalla, P., & López, M. (2018). Reward Adaptation and the Mechanisms of Learning: Contrast Changes Reward Value in Rats and Drives Learning. Psychological science, 29(2), 219-227. 

Dwyer, D. M., Gasalla, P., and López, M. (2017). Partial reinforcement and conditioned taste aversion: No evidence for resistance to extinction. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 72, (1-37). 

Dwyer, D. M., Gasalla, P., Bura, S., & Lopez, M. (2017). Flavors Paired With Internal Pain or With Nausea Elicit Divergent Types of Hedonic Responses. Behavioral neuroscience, 131(3), 235-248. 

Gasalla, P., Soto, A., Dwyer, D. M., & López, M. (2017). Blocking of flavor-nausea learning by non-flavor cues: Assessment through orofacial reactivity responses. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition43(2), 171-182.

Soto, A., Gasalla, P., Begega, A., & López, M. (2017). c-Fos activity in the insular cortex, nucleus accumbens and basolateral amygdala following the intraperitoneal injection of saccharin and lithium chloride. Neuroscience Letters647, 32-37.

Gasalla, P., Begega, A., Soto, A., Dwyer, D. M., & López, M. (2016). Functional brain networks underlying latent inhibition of conditioned disgust in rats. Behavioural brain research315, 36-44. 

Dwyer, D. M., Gasalla, P., López, M. (2013). Nonreinforced flavor exposure attenuates the effects of conditioned taste aversion on both flavor consumption and cue palatability. Learning & Behavior, 41, 390-401 

López, M., Gasalla, P., Vega, M., Limebeer, C.L., Rock, E.M., Tuerke, K. J., Bedard, H., & Parker, L.A. (2010). Latent inhibition of conditioned disgust reactions in rats. Learning & Behavior, 38(2), 177-186.