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Dr Alexander Shaw

Dr Alexander Shaw

Research Associate

School of Psychology

Available for postgraduate supervision

Research summary

My research combines multimodal imaging techniques (e.g. MEG,  EEG, MRI, MRS) with computational modelling (e.g. DCM) and machine learning  methods to better characterise healthy and diseased brain function on a  multi-scale level. I am particularly interested in understanding the link  between synaptic physiology and neural oscillations.

My  experimental imaging studies to date have included the study of psychiatric  (MDD, SABP, Schizophrenia) and neurological (frontal-temporal dementia,  progressive supra-nuclear palsy) disorders, as well as placebo-controlled pharmacological  imaging studies (ketamine, tiagabine, propofol).






Research collaborators

Krish Singh (Cardiff)
James B Rowe (Cambridge)
Rosalyn Moran (Bristol)
Suresh Muthukumaraswamy (Aukland)
Neeraj  Saxena (Cardiff)