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Dr Holly Rossiter

Dr Holly Rossiter

Research Fellow

School of Psychology

Research summary

My research interest up till now has been using magnetoencephalography (MEG) to investigate sensorimotor oscillations in both healthy ageing and pathology such as stroke. I am interested in understanding how beta oscillations may be involved in sensorimotor integration in the brain. I aim to explore how beta oscillations change during motor learning and how this can be influenced pharmacologically in order to potentially increase plasticity and the impact of training. I am the MEG fellow on the Wellcome Trust Strategic Award at CUBRIC. As part of this I will also be exploring how somatosensory oscillations induced in response to sensation and pain alter during different types of sedation, endeavouring to understand the mechanism of action of some of these drugs.

Teaching summary

I have taught on undergraduate and MSc courses giving lectures on MEG and the sensorimotor cortex, and have run journal clubs. I have also helped to run statistics practicals for psychology undergraduate courses. I have supervised both undergraduate and MSc students and have helped to supervise a number of PhD students.

Undergraduate education

BSc  in Biomedical Science (specialising in Neuroscience) from University of  Sheffield

Postgraduate education

PhD from Aston University, Birmingham (“Oscillatory dynamics in the perception of pain investigated using magnetoencephalography”)