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Dr Nicholas Nash

Dr Nicholas Nash

Research Fellow

School of Psychology

+44 (0)29 2087 4682
Tower Building, 70 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT


Research summary

My research interests broadly revolve around  social psychological approaches to environmental psychology, primarily using  qualitative methodologies or mixed methods. Currently, I am involved in  research examining the complex and contextual nature of individual-level  perceptions of climate change and pro-environmental behaviour, in Wales and  cross-culturally.


Undergraduate education

BSc  (Hons) Psychology and Health Science, University of the West of England, 1999.

Postgraduate education

MSc Applied Social Psychology, University of Bath, 2002.
MRes (Psychology), University of Bath, 2003.
PhD  Psychology ('Not in my Front Garden’: The Discursive Analysis of a Greenfield  Development Proposal) University of Bath, 2008.


2014-: Research Fellow, School of Psychology, Cardiff University.
2010-2014: Freelance Social Researcher.
2010-2011: Teaching Fellow, Department of Psychology, University of Bath.
2008-2010:  Academic Assistant, Department of Psychology, University of Bath.










Research topics and related papers

CASPI: My current main research work at Cardiff is as a Research Fellow  on the European Research Council-funded 'Low-carbon Lifestyles and Behavioural  Spillover' project with Dr. Lorraine Whitmarsh and Dr. Wouter Poortinga. The project aims to examine perceptions of pro-environmental behaviour, lifestyles and spillover across a range of different cultures. 'Spillover’ in this context  is the process by which one pro-environmental leads to the uptake of other pro-environmental behaviours, and we will be looking at the conditions around which spillover occurs (or does not occur). For more detail, please visit our project webpage.

Strong Roots: Funded by the Welsh Government, 'Strong Roots’ comprises a  sequence of applied research projects aimed at increasing climate change adaptation  and resilience to climate change impacts at the level of Town and Community Councils across Wales. Working with Environment Wales, One Voice Wales, the Climate Change Consortium of Wales and Natural Resources Wales, As social research consultant on the project, I have been involved in documenting the breadth of perceptions expressed by councillors on a range of issues relating to climate change, local government and community engagement, with the intention of: a) gauging the potential of Town and Community Councils to address climate change impacts in their communities, b) piloting a programme designed to empower councils to take action on climate change adaptation and resilience within their communities and c) inform initiatives for programmes, workshops and tool-kits that can be rolled out to Town and Community Councils across Wales.

Perceptions  of Carbon Capture and Energy Technologies: this project is looking at public perceptions of a range of energy technologies, including carbon capture and storage, 'fracking’ and offshore wind power. The project employs a range of novel qualitative methods and structured interviews to gauge what people think and feel about the technologies in detail, and takes into account the wider lifestyle issues that colour those perceptions.

Research groups

Understanding  Risk Group
Sustainable Places Research  Institute
Tyndall Centre for  Climate Change Research
Climate  Change Consortium of Wales (C3W)

Research Collaborators

Dr. Lorraine Whitmarsh (CASPI)
Rhodri Thomas (Environment Wales)
Paul Egan (One Voice Wales)
Jim Poole (Natural Resources Wales)
Lydia Beaman (C3W)


Postgraduate research interests

My  research interests broadly revolve around social psychological approaches to  environmental psychology, primarily using qualitative methodologies or mixed  methods. Currently, I am involved in research examining the complex and  contextual nature of individual-level perceptions of climate change and  pro-environmental behaviour, in Wales and cross-culturally.