Dr Andrew Nelson

Dr Andrew Nelson


School of Psychology

+44 (0)29 2087 5048
Tower Building, 70 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT

Research summary

My research interests are in the neurobiology of  learning and memory. I am currently involved in projects testing non-spatial  functions of the retrosplenial cortex as well as examining the contribution of  the rostral thalamus to cognition.

Teaching summary

Levels  1 and 2: I Introductory lectures on biological psychology (PS2017). Cognitive  practicals and tutorials on perception, cognition and abnormal/clinical  psychology.

Level  3 Final year project supervision on a variety of topics.

Undergraduate education

1995  BA University of Bristol, History
2003  BSc University of Nottingham, Psychology

Postgraduate education

2007 PhD. Cardiff University,  Thesis: Behavioural and Neurochemical Analysis of Stimulus-Response Habits in  Rats.
Supervisor: Professor Simon  Killcross.
BBSRC Studentship.


2015-present: Lecturer, School of Psychology, Cardiff University.
2011-2015: Behavioural Neuroscience Research Group,  School of Psychology, Cardiff University. BBSRC and Wellcome Trust funded  post-doc positions
2008-2010 – School of Psychology, University of Nottingham.  Wellcome Trust funded post doc position.

Honours and awards

Awards/external committees

2006 Hadyn Ellis Prize for Outstanding Dissertation


BBSRC  Research Grant  “Stimulus processing and cognitive control by the retrosplenial cortex”.(with John  Aggleton, Seralynne Vann, Frank Sengpiel; 3 years from October 2014; £554,000)

Research collaborators

Prof  John Aggelton, Cardiff University
Dr  Seralynne Vann, Cardiff University
Dr  Helen Cassaday, University of Nottingham

Postgraduate research interests

If you are interested in applying for a PhD, or for further information  regarding my postgraduate research, please contact me directly (contact details available on the 'Overview' page), or submit a formal application here.

Media activities