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David Hitt

Professional Tutor (CBT)

+44 (0)29 2251 0001
Tower Building, 70 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT


Hi.  Welcome to my pages! 

I have been working for Cardiff University under various guises for ten years now.  I am a mental health nurse by background, and trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in London in 2005.  Since then I have been involved in developing and teaching on the CBT programmes which developed around 2012.  We are now a British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP) accredited training programme and teach many core professionals and others CBT related subjects as well as supervising them to bring them up to a standard recognised by our accrediting body the BABCP.  I have also worked on the Mental Health Nursing Programmes and taught basic elements of CBT to trainee nurses with a view to enhancing their skill set in this area.  Also over the years I have taught on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology training programmes and also supervise the students in their first year.

Please continue reading for more details on my involvement with Cardiff University.  


I have worked for both the NHS as wll as the University over many years, I will list my academic and vocational pathways to date;

1988-1992 : Honors Degree in Biology at Coventry University (2:1)

1994-1997 : Diploma In Nursing at Cardiff and Vale Health Board

1997-1999 : Acute ward staff nurse in Whitchurch Hospital

1998-2000 : Degree in Nursing (1st) along with 3 placements in the field; Community Nursing, Liaison Psychiatry and Rehabilitation

2000-2010 : Community Psychiatric Nurse in Penarth, South Wales.

2005 : PostGrad Diploma in CBT in the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London

2010 - 2020 : CBT specialist in a partnership scheme with Cardiff Council

2012 - present : CBT Programme Tutor in School of Psychology, Cardiff University

2012 - present : links to Doctorate in Clinical Psychology offering teaching and supervision.  Now on a secondment since 2020 one day per week.

2015-2016 : Secondment with School of Nursing, Cardiff University 

2020 - present : Inpatient psychological nurse therapist offering abbreviated forms of CBT to inpatients and nurse training/supervision.



I have taught on both the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and the CBT Programmes within the School of Psychology over the last ten years.  I teach on the CBT first year module mainly for the Doctorate, and on both the Certificate and Diploma in CBT on the CBT Programmes.  I teach or have taught on the following subjects;

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Health Anxiety, Specific Phobias, Social Anxiety, Medication for Common Mental Health Problems

CBT Programmes

Formulation in CBT, Research Methods in CBT, Health Anxiety, Political Agenda for CBT, Specific Phobias, Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Imagery and PTSD.

My research interests are in the application of CBT to populations stretching to economic analysis.  I have a diploma in Research Methods and teach on the subjects for the CBT Programmes within Cardiff University School of Psychology.  My publications to date are as follows;

Hitt, D.L., Kitchiner N.J., Bisson J.I. Developments in Treating PTSD using a CBT model. Mental Health Practice. 8, 30-35.


Hitt D.L., Tahir T., Davies L., Lanka S., Sin C.H., Naya K., McMahon A. (2016) Economic assessment of a workplace CBT service. Mental Health Practice. 19 (6) 25-31.


Hitt D.L., Tahir T., Davies L., Delahey J., Kelson M. (2017 : in press) The clinical effectiveness of a CBT intervention in a work setting – a 5 year retrospective analysis of outcomes. Journal of Research in Nursing.    


Postgraduate research interests

If you are interested in applying for a PhD, or for further information regarding my postgraduate research, please contact me directly (contact details available on the 'Overview' page), or submit a formal application.

Past projects