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Dr Xuan Wang

Dr Xuan Wang

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies


I am Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies in MLANG and Dean of BNU-Cardiff Joint College.

Currently I serve as the Chair and Trustee of the British Chinese Language Teaching Society. I am also a Council Member of and the Representative of the UK to the European Association of Chinese Teaching.   


I hold a BA in English (Hubei, China), a MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics (UCL, UK) with distinction, and a PhD in Sociolinguistics (Tilburg, The Netherlands). In addition, I have a PGCE in language (UCL) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language (SOAS). 

Prior to joining Cardiff in October 2017, I held teaching and research positions in University of London (UK), KU Leuven (Belgium), Tilburg University and Maastricht University (The Netherlands). 

Honours and awards

2019-2021: Cardiff Futures

2018-2019: Cardiff Outstanding Contribution Award 

2017-2018: MLang Most Inspiring Teacher Award (nomination) 

Professional memberships

  • British Chinese Language Teaching Society (Deputy Chair, 2020-present)
  • British Association of Chinese Studies 
  • International Pragmatics Association 
  • European Association of Chinese Teaching 
  • International Society for Chinese Language Teaching 

Speaking engagements

10-11 July 2019, Coorganiser of the 4th International Symposium on Chinese Language, Culture and the Arts. Cardiff University, Wales. Co-organiser. Talk presented: Internet Celebrity Cultures and Learning Chinese on Social Media.

19-20 September 2018, Language Planning, Maintenance and Shift: Chinese and European Perspectives. Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. Talk presented: Fangyan, Media and Governmentality: Performing Linguistic Citizenship in Globalising China.

10-12 February 2017, Inaugural Symposium of the European Association of Chinese Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities. Confucius Institute at Eötvös Loránd University and the European Chinese Language Teachers Association, Budapest, Hungary. Talk presented: Chinese Language Learning and Teaching in Dutch speaking universities: Contexts and Challenges.

17 June 2016, International Seminar: Teaching Business Chinese in Higher Education. KU Leuven, Belgium. 

26-28 May 2014, ‘Beyond the Tyranny of Writing’ Workshop with Professor Florian Coulmas, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Talk presented: Engaging with normativity and innovativity: (re)writing Chinese in a global era.

23-24 January 2014, Globalisation in the Margins Consortium, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Talk presented: Globalisation in the margins.

22 September 2013, Workshop ‘Chinese linguistics in the Netherlands’, Leiden University, the Netherlands. Talk presented: Harmony as language policy: An internet perspective.

23-24 May 2013, Myths and Realities: Chinese Students, Teachers and Scholars Abroad, University of Helsinki, Finland. Talk presented: Which language? Which culture? Which pedagogy? Chinese teachers' perceptions of professional self in British schools.

21-24 August 2012, Colloquium ‘Margins vs. Megapoles: Globalisation and Sociolinguistic Transformation in Small Places’, Sociolinguistic Symposium 19, Free University Berlin, Germany. Talk presented: Designing Tujia: ethnicity, heritage tourism, and authenticity in China. 











  • Dong, J., Du, C., Juffermans, K., Li, J., Varis, P. and Wang, X. 2012. Chinese in a superdiverse world. Presented at: Anéla 2012 Applied Linguistics Conference, Lunteren, Netherlands, 9-11 May 2011 Presented at de Jong, N. et al. eds.Papers of the Anela 2012 Applied Linguistics Conference. Eburon pp. 349-366.



I have served as the Programme Director of Chinese and taught on a range of modules on BA Modern Chinese and BA Chinese, including:

  • Mandarin Chinese Language 
  • Specialised Chinese 
  • Introduction of Chinese Linguistics
  • Chinese Society and Culture 
  • Life in China: A practical guide 
  • Chinese Cinema
  • Translation Theory and Methods seminars 

I have also contributed to the teaching and supervision on MA Translation Studies and MA Global Cultures. 

My research interests are interdisciplinary, covering areas such as socio and applied linguistics, linguistic anthroplogy, popular culture, digital communication, heritage studies and Chinese studies. I am particularly interested in the sociolinguistics of globalization, and my work since 2014 has focused on the understanding of language use, identity making, and social changes in globalizing China. I also conduct research in second language learning and pedagogy with a focus on Mandarin Chinese. I welcome doctoral applications in these areas. 


I am interested in hearing about postgraduate applications for research in the following areas:

  • sociolinguistics, globalization, and margins
  • language, culture, and identity in contemporary China 
  • Chinese linguistics 
  • language pedagogy and digital learning 


2018-2021: Abigail Gasgoyne (ESRC Collaborative DTP Scholarship) Evaluating Welsh Cultural Policy With Reference To Sino-Welsh Exchanges.

2022-2026: Shanshan Xie (CSC Scholarship) Chronotopes, Signs and Changes: An Ethnographic Linguistic Landscape Study of Peri-Urban China. 

Past projects