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Professor Srikant Sarangi

Professor Srikant Sarangi

Emeritus Professor, Centre for Language and Communication Research

School of English, Communication and Philosophy

3.40, John Percival Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU


Research Interests

Discourse analysis and applied linguistics; Language and identity in public life; institutional and professional discourse (e.g., health, social welfare, bureaucracy, education etc.); quality of life and risk communication in genetic counselling, HIV/AIDS, telemedicine, general practice and palliative care; intercultural pragmatics; racism and ethnicity in multicultural societies.

Selected Publications

Sarangi, S. and Slembrouck, S. (1996) Language, Bureaucracy and Social Control. London: Longman.

Sarangi, S. and Roberts, C. eds., (1999) Talk, Work and Institutional Order: Discourse in Medical, Mediation and Management Settings. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Sarangi, S. and Coulthard, M. eds., (2000) Discourse and Social Life. London: Pearson.

Coupland, N., Sarangi, S. and Candlin, C. N. eds., (2001) Sociolinguistics and Social Theory. London: Pearson.

Sarangi, S. and Candlin, C. N. eds. (2003) Categorisation and Explanation of Risk: A Discourse Analytical Perspective. Special issue of Health, Risk & Society 5, 2, 115-228.

Hall, C., Slembrouck, S. and Sarangi, S. (2006) Language Practice in Social Work: Categorisation and Accountability in Child Welfare. London: Routledge.


Present Position: Professor in Language and Communication and Director, Health Communication Research Centre

Other affiliations: Professor in Language and Communication at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim (Norway) (2009-2011); Honorary Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Aalborg University (Denmark) (2009-2014); Distinguished International Scholar, Indiana University Purdue University (IUPUI), Indianapolis (USA) (2009)

Educational Qualifications: BA (English Hons, Distn), MA (English & American Lit), PGCTE, PGDTE, MLitt (English Language Teaching, CIEFL), PhD (Linguistics, Lancaster).

Employment History: Reader (1999-2002), Senior Lecturer (1997-1999), Lecturer (1993-1997) at Cardiff University; English Language Specialist, National University of Singapore (1990-1993), Research Officer, Thames Valley University, London (1989-1990), Lecturer in English (1979-1989, in India).

Editorships, Consultancies and service to associations

Editor (since 1998) of TEXT & TALK, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language, Discourse and Communication Studies (Formerly TEXT, Mouton de Guryter).
Founding Editor (beginning 2004) of Communication and Medicine (Equinox).
Founding Editor (beginning 2004, with C. N. Candlin) of Journal of Applied Linguistics (Equinox).
General Editor (with C. N. Candlin) of three Book Series: Studies in Applied Linguistics (Equinox); Studies in Language and Communication (Equinox); Communication in Organisations and Professions (Equinox)
Advisory Editor (with G. Kress, C. Roberts and G. White) of British Studies in Applied Linguistics (1997-2003).
Advisory Editorial Board member of Multilingua.
Advisory Editorial Board member of the book series[es] Studies in Pragmatics (Elsevier); Pragmatics and Beyond (John Benjamins); Linguistic Insights (Peter Lang).
Consultant Researcher (since 1995) at the Royal College of General Practitioners.
Publications Secretary (1997-2000 and 2001-2002) of the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL). Member-at-Large (1999-2002) in the Executive Board of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA).
Academic Consultant to University of Malay and National University of Singapore.
Steering Committee member of the Communication Skills Unit, University of Wales College of Medicine.
Advisory Board Member of Health Care Communication Laboratory, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland.
Advisory Board Member of the European Union Integrated Project (DYLAN), University  of Lausanne, Switzerland.
External Member of Research Degrees Sub-Committee, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.
Chair and Panel Member, Academy of Finland, Research Council for Culture and Society (2009)
Co-ordinator of the Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics (COMET) and co-ordinator of The COMET Society.
Reviewer for a number of international interdisciplinary journals, book series[es], Research Councils.

Publications and presentations

Major book-length publications (10 in total) include: Language, Bureaucracy and Social Control (Longman, 1996, with S. Slembrouck); Talk, Work and Institutional Order: Discourse in Medical, Mediation and Management Settings (Mouton, 1999, edited with C. Roberts), Discourse and Social Life (Pearson, 2000, edited with M. Coulthard), Sociolinguistics and Social Theory (Pearson, 2001, edited with N. Coupland and C. N. Candlin), Applied Linguistics and Communities of Practice (Continuum, 2003, edited with T. van Leeuwen); Language Practices in Social Work: Categorisation and Accountability in Child Welfare (Routledge, 2006, with C. Hall and S. Slembrouck) and Discourse, Ideology and Ethics in Specialised Communication (Peter Lang, 2007, edited with G. Garzone). Forthcoming titles include: Handbook of Communication in Professions and Organisations (Mouton 2009, edited with C. N. Candlin); Team-Talk at Work: Decision Making Across the Boundaries in Health and Social Care Professions (Equinox, edited with P. Linell); Interpreter Mediated Healthcare Consultations (Equinox).

He has guest-edited five journal special issues: Language and Education (with M. Baynham); Language Awareness; Text (with Per Linell); Applied Linguistics (with C. N. Candlin); Health, Risk & Society (with C. N. Candlin).

He has published more than 150 book chapters and articles in leading journals in discourse and communication (e.g., Discourse and Society, Language Awareness, Applied Linguistics, Language and Education, Journal of Language and Social Psychology, Journal of Pragmatics, Pragmatics, Multilingua, Text, Research on Language and Social Interaction, Communication & Medicine, Health, Social Science & Medicine, Sociology of Health & Illness, Health, Risk & Society, Medical Education, British Medical Journal, Journal of Genetic Counselling, Journal of Advanced Nursing).

In addition, he has presented more than 400 papers (including plenaries, invited keynotes, workshops and colloquia) at international conferences and other forums - ranging from mainstream applied linguistics and sociolinguistics to medical and professional ones.

Visiting research attachments over the last 10 years include a number of countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

















Areas of research interest:

Language and identity in public life; institutional and professional discourse (e.g., health, social welfare, bureaucracy, education etc.); quality of life and risk communication in genetic counselling, HIV/AIDS, telemedicine, general practice and palliative care; intercultural pragmatics; racism and ethnicity in multicultural societies.

Major research grants

Title: Research Programme on Language and Global Communication (2001-2006, with T. van Leeuwen, N. Coupland and A. Jaworski, The Leverhulme Trust). Specific activity involves as co-ordinator of the strand: Quality of Life and healthcare communication in a global community.

Title: Centre for the Study of the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (Cesagen, 2003-ongoing). Specific activity involves as co-director (with A. Clarke) of one of the four flagship projects entitled `Genetics, Health and Identity'™.

Title: Communicative Frames in Counselling for Predictive Genetic Testing (February 2000-March 2004, The Wellcome Trust; with A. Clarke, P.S. Harper, R. Harper and J. Gray)

Title: Living with a Genetic Disorder: A biography of Ectodermal Dysplasia (February 2000 -“ January 2004, The Wellcome Trust; with A. Clarke and P.A. Atkinson)

Title: Explanation in Genetics: causality and accountability in complex disorders (January 2004 -“ December 2006, The Wellcome Trust; with A. Clarke, R. Chadwick and J. Kitzinger)

Host to Leverhulme Visiting Professorship (C. N. Candlin, October 2003 -“ April 2005)

Research projects completed between 1990-2000

Title: Patients with Limited English and Doctors in General Practice: Educational Issues (PLEDGE, March 2001 '“ November 2003, with C. Roberts, V. Wass and R. Jones, Sir Siegmund Warburg Voluntary Trust).

Title: Ethnicity and Intercultural Communication between Patients and Doctors: Implications for Undergraduate Education in London (with C. Roberts Aug 2000 '“ Dec 2001, King's Fund)

Title: Risk Communication in Genetics Counselling (Oct 1998 '“ June 2000, The Leverhulme Trust)

Title: Qualitative Data Analysis (1997-1999, Funding for Development of Teaching and Learning)

Title: Students'™ Use of English (1990-1993, National University of Singapore)

Title: Quality in Teaching and Learning: Four Multicultural Classrooms in Further Education (1989-1990, Department of Education and Employment, UK)