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 Bo Lin

Bo Lin

Research student, Welsh School of Architecture

Room 1.50, Bute Building, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3NB


Bo Lin obtained his MSc in Planning Design and Development from University College London and Master of Landscape Architecture from Huazhong Agricultural University. Prior to that, he completed his Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture in Huazhong Agricultural University, China, and a Bachelor's degree in English at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. He joined the Welsh School of Architecture as a full-time PhD student in October 2019. Currently, he is working as a lecturer at Wenzhou University, China. He has working experience at Wenzhou Kean University, Wenzhou Urban Construction Preliminary Work Project Office, and Wenzhou Urban and Rural Construction and Investment Co. Ltd.


Research interests

Bo Lin's research interest lies in the application of machine learning in architecture and urban design.


Exploration of the Potential Use of Artificial Intelligence in Urban Design

This research aims to propose a deep generative model aided urban form generation framework based on topology to support the process of urban design. The objective of the research are: to survey the user acceptance and vision of academics, professionals, and students in the field of architecture and urban design towards the application of deep generative models in architectural and urban form generation; to develop a deep generative models aided urban form generation framework based on topology; to develop a deep generative models aided street network generation approach based on topology; to develop a deep generative models aided plot and building configuration generation approach based on topology.