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 Cheng Lu

Cheng Lu

Research student,

Room 1.50, Bute Building, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3NB


Lu holds her Master’s Degree in Human Living Environment and Art Heritage at the Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) back in 2019, China. She worked as University lecturer for 2 years at a Chinese University. She then conducts her PhD in Landscape restoration at the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA), Cardiff University from 2021. Her research aims to improve the quality of human settlements.

Lu has been involved in numbers of planning and design practices, where she investigated in protection and renovation of ancient buildings in China. Additionally, she has been involved in various teaching practices; e.g., Architectural Drawing and CAD, Introduction to architectural design.


Research interests

Lu’s PhD sits in the area of the restoring and renovating the small (refers to geographic size) and micro (refers to quantity of the landscape) green landscapes. Lu’s PhD will cover the identified existing research gaps by the following achievements:

  • The integration of inefficient space resources; trade-off the inefficient space resources within a local context

  • The improvement of the quality of the living environment in the region;

  • The reduction of differences between the new-built and existing living community (e.g., mentality of residents, community’s culture etc).

  • The protection strategy for the existing culture mechanism, heritage, and geographical specification in the existing living community.


Mhairi McVicar

Professor Mhairi McVicar

Project Lead of Community Gateway

Federico Wulff

Dr Federico Wulff

Senior Lecturer of Architecture and Urban Design
MA AD Course Director


Areas of expertise