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 Annie Bellamy

Annie Bellamy

Research student, Welsh School of Architecture

Annie Bellamy completed her undergraduate (Part I) architectural training at Central Saint Martins and graduated in 2017 with a Masters of Architecture (Part II) from the Welsh School of Architecture with a First Class honours. Throughout her studies she has focussed on phenomenology - in particular specific life events in the human experience of architecture - with her Masters dissertation 'A Place for Mortality' exploring concepts of dwelling and dignity in environments of death.

Research interests

Conferences + Publications

HospiceUK 2018 Annual Conference: Transforming Palliative Care 

Accepted Abstract for poster presentation


“Designing Dying Well: Toward a new architectural approach of in-patient palliative care environments”  

RIBA Research Matters conference 18.10.18 

 Marie Curie Annual Conference, 17.10.18 

“From radical to real: implementing new models of palliative care”

Oral presentation + abstract publication in BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care Volume 8 Issue 3

Feedback score of 8.57/10


Materialities of Care: Buildings in the Making, 18.09.18 *

“A Sociological Exploration of Architectural Design for Care”

Poster presentation

Winner of best poster

STS (In)Sensibilities”, 4S Society for Social Sciences Annual Conference, Boston, USA, 1st September 2017

Conference paper and presenter, STS and the Design of Dying, Death and the Afterlife Panel

“A Place for Mortality: In-patient Hospice Architecture and its Role in a Dignified Death” (Traditional closed panel presenter)



Annie Bellamy, 'A Place for Mortality: A comparative study invesitgating the phenomena of being able to dwell within in-patient hospice environments, and the role of the architecture of hospices in a dignified death’

(Unpublished Masters dissertation, Cardiff University, Welsh School of Architecture, 2017)


BSc Year Two - Design Studio Tutor

BSc Year Three - Design Principles and Methods "Fieldwork" Tutor


Designing dying well: towards a new approach to the design of palliative care environments for the terminally ill

In April 2018 she began her PhD research at the Welsh School of Architecture, drawing upon her previous research, entitled “Designing dying well:towards a new approach to the design of palliative care environments for the terminally ill’.

The study seeks to instigate a multi-disciplinary dialogue between the architecture of hospice environments and sociological studies of palliative care and the terminally ill. This research will audit and explore the operational needs of a hospice alongside the emotional and environmental needs of the service users; the key design principles and strategies, priorities and hierarchies in order to establish a socio-geographic understanding of an environment, where those go to die, thus far not understood nor challenged.

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