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Hadjer Messabih

Research student, Welsh School of Architecture


Hadjer is a PhD student at the Welsh School of Architecture, who is awarded a postgraduate scholarship sponsored by the Algerian government and the Ministry of Higher Education to pursue her studies in the UK.

Her choices of undergraduate and postgraduate studies were influenced by her eagerness to try everything new. She gained research experience in various areas. She obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Oran, Algeria in 2016, and her Bachelor’s degree in 2014 was in History and Civilization at the same university. She was enrolled in Pre-Sessional programme in Academic English and Research Skills for PhD Study at Canterbury Christ Church University in Canterbury, Kent in 2016. Although she has worked in different research areas, she has always been enthralled by the world of architecture which developed due to her passion for history.

Selected publications

  • Bachelor’s thesis: "Artistic Styles in Victorian Britain: Architecture and Fashion", University of Oran, Algeria, 2014



Investigating social and cultural sustainability in community led-housing project: The case study of ksar Tafilelt in the M’zab Valley

This project investigates social, cultural, urban, and architectural continuity in a community led-housing. Ksar Tafilelt, in the M'zab valley of Algeria, is used as a case study to extract lessons of social and cultural sustainability. This research aims to analyse the way space has been organised, built, occupied and used at both the domestic scale of the house (private space) and the urban scale of the neighbourhood (public space). In addition to extracting the key lessons of sustainability that can be learnt from the project of ksar Tafilelt, which can inform future practices of housing provision and design in Algeria and other countries.