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 Lin Geng

Lin Geng

Research student, Welsh School of Architecture


Geng Lin received his BA in Architecture from Qingdao University of Technology, China in 2013 and an MA in Architecture from Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Germany in 2015. He joined the Welsh School of Architecture as a full-time PhD student in April 2017.

He worked as an architect for several years in Qingdao and Berlin. Currently he is pursuing his PhD degree in Cardiff University and researching history and localization process of archtecture in China in the early mordern age.



Localization evolution, changes in Christian architecture in early modern China

The church building in China has had a certain influence on local architectural technology and concepts. It has also added significance to the creation of contemporary architecture. The Catholic Church, an architectural type which belongs purely to exotic objects, has been included in Chinese local architectural culture. Through researching this, the germination and propagation process of western architectural culture in China can be explained more clearly, and can becomes the cornerstone of other modern architectural research. In addition, through investigation and analysis of the status quo, the phenomenon of localization in China among Christian churches constructed in China in modern times and a set of integrated framework system to provide design elements for new Christian churches which will be constructed in China in the future and provide theoretical basis for homogenization and low-quality issues in the process of China's new Christian church construction for improving the status quo.

The research aims to explain the process of localization of Chinese churches and how a western building style reset its appearance in that time to adapt to China. The final objective is to predict the future trend of modern Chinese building or to indicate the various sorts of localization in different areas of China.