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Bingyu Liu

Research student, Welsh School of Architecture


Bingyu Liu is a full-time PhD student at the Welsh School of Architecture. She was awarded a Merit in MA Design from the University of Leeds in 2013, following a double-award degree - BEng in Architecture and BA in Oil Painting at Shandong University of Art & Design in 2012, achieving over 80%. She worked in a fine art gallery, involved with exhibitions and an art agency from 2009 to 2014. Her interest lies in vernacular architecture, which is the focus of her PhD research.



The situation of vernacular architecture under urbanisation - a comparison of England and China

Bingyu Liu’s research investigates VA (vernacular architecture) in England and China from the perspective of VA during 19th century urbanisation (the first industrial revolution) of England, the present situation in England and current Chinese urbanisation.

Globalisation is a natural trend which produced from the development of human society, and architecture is the result produced by acclimatising itself to the surrounding environment, therefore, the globalisation of architecture is a natural and inexorable trend around the world. The aim of this research seems adverse and contrary to the natural trend of development at first glance, but in essence, a good VA protection can contribute to the protection of national multiplicity and identity; the existence of VA can contribute to the local environment, and what is more, it will contribute to the future local construction by the most appropriate and comfortable direction. The result of this research will contribute towards the protection of VA in future constructions in both England and China, and inspire other countries on VA protection during their social development.

Keywords: Architecture History, Vernacular Architecture, England and China, Architecture Situation, Architecture Protection, Future Construction.