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 Ahmed Taher

Ahmed Taher

Research student, Welsh School of Architecture


Ahmed Kamal is an architect and a teaching assistant at the Arab Academy for Science & Technology (AAST) in Alexandria, Egypt, specialising in the field of heritage buildings and their development. He obtained his Architectural Bachelors degree in 2007 from AAST. In 2012 he acquired his Masters degree. His MSc research was concerned with studying heritage buildings and conservation areas to find a suitable urban evolution of conservation areas through the infill of contemporary architecture within these areas. The main concern was that the new infills would not affect the cultural identity but help by embracing it without preventing the architectural evolution from AAST, Alexandria, Egypt.



Retrofit for Heritage Buildings in Alexandria

Heritage buildings and conservation areas have been a source of fascination for Ahmed's studies. He has realised that it is important to preserve these heritage buildings but also to turn them into sustainable buildings without affecting their urban significance.

The research aims to achieve heritage sustainability and energy conservation for heritage buildings. It will offer a better understanding of energy performance of heritage buildings, especially in the city of Alexandria, and suggest possible retrofitting solutions for their current energy performance.

Keywords: Heritage, sustainability, conservation, energy performance, retrofitting.