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 Lili Pan

Lili Pan

Research student, Welsh School of Architecture


Lili Pan is an engineer with a B.Eng in civil engineering from the University of Zhejiang, China (2006), and an MSc in mechanical engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China (2008).

She started her career in the green building industry in 2008, working mostly with commissioning management from design to occupancy stages, and green building rating certification consultant (mostly LEED, a US based green building rating system, and BEAM, a Hong Kong based green building rating system), for commercial buildings.

Selected publications

Lili PAN, (third author), 'Optimal Operation of Water Supply Systems Based on Genetic Algorithm', published in the Journal of Tongji University (Nature Science), 34 (2006)



Valuing Commissioning To Improve The Predictive Ability of Energy Modelling

The practice of commissioning is becoming popular with the increasing demand for zero carbon building. Many projects, however, conduct commissioning only for the green building certification while the true value of commissioning is overlooked. The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the value of commissioning, firstly to improve the predictive ability of energy modelling, and secondly to enhance the performance of building energy consumption systems.

The focus of this study includes researching the benefits of HVAC commissioning for commercial buildings in China. Green building design and construction, and energy conservation practice will also be looked at.