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Shanshan Sun

Research student

Educational and Professional Qualifications

October 2017 – Present: PhD, Mitochondria and retinal synaptic plasticity, Cardiff University
2014-2017: Master of Medicine in Ophthalmic Specialty, Fudan University, China
2009-2014: Bachelor of Medicine, Xiamen University, China

Research interests

Research Overview

The title of my PhD research is “Mitochondria and retinal synaptic plasticity”. The research aims to investigate the role of mitochondrial dynamics in retinal ganglion cell plasticity, and develop a deeper understanding of the role this plasticity has in retina at different stages of development and how this may impact on adult response to stress.

Marcela Votruba

Professor Marcela Votruba

Head of School, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences

An image of Professor Frank Sengpiel

Professor Frank Sengpiel

Head of Neuroscience Division, Professor of Neuroscience

Irina Erchova

Dr Irina Erchova

Research Associate