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Zoe Ballard

Research student, School of Physics and Astronomy


I am a 3rd year postgraduate research student in the Galaxies group in the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University. I am also part of a smaller research group, called the Cosmic Dust group, which is led by Haley Gomez, one of my supervisors. We study all things dust, and are interested in how it forms and interacts with light, and also the objects in the Universe that contain it!

My project focusses on studying the curious properties of a particular set of local dusty galaxies that were discovered in the Herschel ATLAS, one of the largest surveys carried out by the Herschel Space Observatory. I work with Haley, Steve Maddox and Loretta Dunne, using integral field spectroscopy data obtained for these galaxies from the KOALA instrument on the Anglo-Australian Telescope at Siding Springs Observatory, Australia. We hope that by using this data, we can learn about the contents of these galaxies; their stars, gas and dust.



Image of Prof Haley Gomez

Professor Haley Gomez

Deputy Head of School
Astronomy Group

Dr Steve Maddox

Research Fellow
Astronomy group

Dr Loretta Dunne

Research Fellow
Astronomy Group