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 Alison Seymour

Alison Seymour

Research student,


I completed my training as an occupational therapist in 1985 and worked for 20 years in mental health services, namely community mental health, eating disorder services and forensic mental health including the prison service.

In addition to my qualification as an occupational therapist, I have completed a BSc in Social Science and an MSc in Social Research Methods. I am also the co-editor of the book: Boniface, G. and Seymour, A. 2012. Using Occupational Therapy Theory in Practice. Oxford: Wiley – Blackwell.

I am also trained in analytic group work and currently facilitate a reflection group for trainees on the South Wales Cognitive Analytic Therapy Training Course.


Research interests

My current research uses grounded theory and online research methods to explore the therapy experiences of adults with anorexia nervosa. The focus of the research is to examine the nature and process of the therapeutic relationship and its role in the engagement of therapy. I presented the methods and emerging findings at the International Eating Disorder Conference in March 2016. I will be presenting the final findings at the London International Eating Disorder Conference in March 2017.

In addition, I am an active member of an occupational therapy eating disorder special interest group in Wales. I have had recent publications and a conference presentation showcasing the work of this group and the individual roles and interventions carried out by the occupational therapists working in specialist eating disorder services in Wales. I am also a member of the College Of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section – Mental Health.

My previous research was focused on the educational experiences of occupational therapy students working in problem based learning groups and the impact this had on their skill development in readiness for practice.