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 Jian Wang

Jian Wang

Research student,


  • Magmatic evolution
  • Stratigraphic evolution
  • Central Panama


Research interests

  • Paleogeographic and magmatic evolution of subduction zone


volcano-sedimentary and stratigraphic evolution of Central Panama

The formation of the Isthmus of Panama is significant globally because it is associated with disconnection of the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans, which is generally considered as the trigger for northern hemisphere glaciations and major biotic events in land and marine faunas. However, the exact timing of the final emergence of the Isthmus remains highly controversial. The aim of my research is to characterise in detail the magmatic and stratigraphic history of Central Panama and try to figure out what kind of role did magmatic process play in the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama.


David Buchs

Dr David Buchs

Senior Lecturer


Dr Andrew C Kerr

Reader in Petrology & Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions