Ken Yan Wong

Research student

After 2 years in the military, I pursued a Bsc (Hons) Occupational Therapy at Cardiff University. While doing my BSc, I started getting interested in the way reflection is being taught and how it can be improved. This led me to apply for the PhD programme as an opportunity to delve further into this area of interest.

I am also the PGR Academic Rep and I represent the student body in various school and university wide meetings. I am also actively involved in the international committee in the school of health care sciences and I am exploring viable international collaborations with the school.

Dialogic and Collaborative Reflection: An exploration of its potential in pre-qualification occupational therapy education

Findings from my research done during my degree revealed flaws in the way reflection is being taught and learned in the curriculum. Students are finding problems with engaging in reflection and being taught, guided and assessed on it. The current method of teaching this concept can be considered rote and reductive and therefore have a negative impact on students and their professional development. This 3-year PhD study explores the potential of practicing and learning reflection in a group setting. Such a dialogic and collaborative way of conducting reflection has shown to be beneficial to the students' professional growth. This research also explores how this can be done as part of the curriculum.

Patient Stories in Health Care Education

Following the success of a project which involved the use of patients' stories in cancer education for the student nurses, we currently offer a theoretical explanation about the importance of patients' stories in education for health and care professionals, how it complements the typical lecture style approach and how it is in line with the current education movement.

Research interests

Professional development, reflection, education, applied philosophy in healthcare, collaboration

Dr Steven Whitcombe

Senior Lecturer: Occupational Therapy

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