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Wuni Abdul-Razak

Research student,


My research is on Role Extension opportunities in Radiography, the situation in Ghana and its impact on patient care.  Roles in radiography have developed extensively over the last decade globally mainly due to govt policy, radiologist shortages, improved healthcare services, need to reduce patient waiting time, amongst many other factors. This has led to greater job satisfaction and staff retention for radiographers, reduced patient waiting time and reduced cost.

In Ghana, all the factors that has necessitated the development of roles globally exist. There is a huge shortage of radiologist, quite a huge waiting list for special examinations and an equally long waiting time for radiologist reports to be ready. Consequently, quite a substantial number of radiographs in Ghana are unreported. There are regions in Ghana that does not have a single radiologist.




Professor Daniel Kelly

Royal College of Nursing Chair of Nursing Research

Dr Nick Courtier

Senior Lecturer: Radiotherapy