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 Nicola Savory

Nicola Savory

Research student

Alongside my clinical duties as a midwife, I have spent several years working as a research midwife. Nearly three years ago I was awarded a RCBC fellowship to undertake a full time PhD at Cardiff University.

My thesis is entitled ‘Perinatal mental health: a mixed methods study. Data collection included surveys with pregnant women and midwives, interviews with women and focus groups with midwives.

My main interests are interactions with women and midwives, service provision, perinatal mental health and pregnancy related topics, for example early labour and induction of labour.

Research interests

My research interests include antenatal care of pregnant women, their experiences and relationships with midwives.

Publications from previous research:

Janssen, A.B., Tunster, S.J., Savory. N., Holmes, A., Beasley, J., parveen,S.A., penketh, R.J. and John,R.M. (2015). placental expression of imprinted genes varies with sampling site and mode of delivery. placenta 36(8), pp. 790-5

Contribution to paper: Contributed to study design and management as well as writing of the final version of the article published. Janssen, A. B. et al. 2018. Persistence of anxiety symptoms after elective caesarean delivery. BJPsych Open 4(5), pp. 354-360.

Poster presentation: PGR symposium, Cardiff University, Nov 2017 (awarded second prize)

Poster presentation: RCBC conference, City Hall, Cardiff, May 2019 (awarded second prize)


Presnetation to mental health nurses, student midwives and student health visitors - perinatal mental health 2018

Undergraduate teaching sessions with student midwives, Streptoccocus B and perinatal mental health 2019


Identifying Barriers to the Provision of Perinatal Metal Health Services

Funding source


Ben Hannigan

Professor Ben Hannigan

Professor: Mental Health Nursing; Research Theme Lead - OSDO (Co-Lead)

Saunders, Julia

Professor Julia Sanders

Professor of Clinical Nursing & Midwifery

Dr Rosalind John

Professor Rosalind John

Head of Biomedicine Division, Professor