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Elizabeth Willmington

Research student, School of Law and Politics


My PhD research focuses on contemporary UK immigration laws, known as the hostile environment, colonial histories of immigration laws and creative resistances to them. I employ doctrinal and historical approaches with critical property, critical race and postcolonial theory to scrutinise immigration laws as technologies of mobility, categorisation and segregation of people. I also look at grassroots resistance to these processes.

My timely research interests contribute to current academic and political questions around British identity and history, contemporary debates around migration, the expansion of immigration and detention regimes, the erosion of human rights and complexities of citizenship.

I am a member of the Art/Law Network Coordination Group and was involved the Who Are We? Project, a three-year project at the Tate Exchange.

I have a book chapter published in Art, Law and Power with COUNTERPRESS.


Research interests


Ambreena Manji

Professor Ambreena Manji

Professor of Law

Professor John Harrington

Professor of Law