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The project aims to view patterns that emerge from man-derived peat deposits during the Iron Age throughout the United Kingdom. These analyses will be achieved by recording all known deposit discoveries up to 2015. The deposits will be categorised and listed into a database. The database will reveal what patterns emerge from the data that are object type, site, and period specific. These patterns will be compared against themselves to create a comprehensive view of the activity these peat bogs endured during the Iron Age. As a result of this project the database will have the ability for continual updates and interactive usage by the academic public. The database will become a platform for pattern analysis that is object type, biome, and time period specific.


Research interests

  • bioarchaeology and bio-cultural evolution of ancient cultures and sacrificial rituals
  • mortuary rituals
  • complexity development in civilizations
  • ancient and current theology
  • Iron Age, pre-historic and medieval influences
  • museum studies and heritage preservation
  • North Western Europe, Ireland & Britain.


Analysis of Peat Bog Deposits during the Iron Age in the United Kingdom.

Analysis of man-made peat bog deposits will be performed to see if patterns emerge for sites and periods during the Iron Age throughout the United Kingdom.

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