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Rhianwen Daniel

Research student, School of Law and Politics

Welsh speaking


I'm a PhD candidate at the Cardiff University Department of Politics & International Relations, researching national identity and linguistic relativity. Prior to that I gained an MRes in philosophy from the University of Reading, where I specialised in cognitive penetration, the perceptual representation of high-level properties, and pain.


My current research looks at the relation between language and national identity; particularly the extent to which language mirrors its users’ cultural particularities and influences their thought processes. This involves drawing on work in political philosophy, linguistics, history, and the philosophy of language. The remainder of my work involves articulating the implications of the cultural and intellectual significance of language for questions concerning national identity formation, postcolonialism, and the legacy of Chomskyan linguistics.

Specialization:  Nationalism, national identity, theoretical linguistics, philosphy of cognitive science.

Research interests


This project begins with a background study of the philosophical themes present in the works of the Welsh philosopher and political campaigner J. R. Jones. The chapters are structured on the basis of these themes, which are then developed in greater detail in order to engage with the pertinent current debates on the topics. The chapters’ themes are: linguistic relativity; ethnosymbolism; conservatism; and the institutional embodiment of Welsh national identity.


I currently teach on the BA Philosophy and Politics programmes. I undertake tutoring and assessment on:

  • Introduction to Government (Politics)
  • Introduction to Political Thought (Politics)
  • Moral and Political Philosophy (Philosophy)
  • Mind, Thought and Reality (Philosophy)

I also teach outreach sessions in schools on philosophical and political matters of interest such as current affairs, religion, and the mind. I have also guest lecturered for the Seren Network and at Coleg Gwent on the A level WJEC Government and Politics programme.