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 Benjamin Rumney

Benjamin Rumney

Research student, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences


Research Overview

The crustacean known as the ostracod is abundant in fresh and sea water. They have an unusually tough yet, in some species, highly transparent carapace and well developed eyes. The carapace is waterproof, presumably oxygen permeable, and resistant to biofilm.  In species that the dwell in the sand, it must also be scratch resistant.  The detailed structure that allows the carapace to possess these properties while still remaining transparent is not entirely understood and I am using various microscopy techniques to elucidate how these properties arise, with the future aim of replicating the structure in a cell culture system.

Teaching Overview

I am currently helping demonstrate for a year one undergraduate practical course.

Conference/seminar presentations

Presented a poster on chronic diffuse brain injury at the 2014 National Neurotruama Society Symposium



Research Collaborators

Professor Andrew Parker, Lifescaped Ltd.
Dr Sian Morgan, Cardiff University

Educational and Professional Qualifications

2015 – Present: Second Class Honours, upper division in Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Bath


Keith Meek

Professor Keith Meek

Head of Biophysics Research Group, Senior Mentor

Julie Albon

Dr Julie Albon

Senior Lecturer, Deputy Director of Research, Optic Nerve Head Group Leader, HTA Person designate for Cathays Park HTA satellite licence