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Joe D'Souza

Research student, School of Biosciences

+44(0)29 208 75073
C/5.15, Sir Martin Evans Building, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX


Whilst we know neuroactive chemicals are pervasive in the environment, a major challenge to understand is their effects beyond those on individual organisms. My PhD project will look to address two main questions: (1) how do neuroactive chemicals affect ecological interactions (e.g., predation and competition) and the networks they form; and (2) do changes to ecological networks result in alterations in ecosystem function? We’ll be looking to combine both empirical and in silico approaches to generate some of the first policy-relevant data and knowledge on the effects and risks of neuroactive chemicals on freshwater ecosystems.

  • Undergraduate Education

Cardiff University BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences (with Professional Training Year)

  • Awards/External Committees

Welsh Ornithological Society (WOS) – Derek Moore Student Research Award 2018

Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management – 'Promising Professional of the Year 2021' - Highly Commended

  • Employment

Consultant Ecologist (2018-2023). Undertook terrestrial ecological surveys, Environmental Statements (ES), Habitat Regulation Assessments (HRAs) and Method Statements for a broad range of projects ranging in scale from local to nationally significant infrastructure projects.



Effects of neuroactive chemicals on freshwater ecosystems

Funding source

ECORISC Centre for Doctoral Training



Dr Fredric Windsor

Lecturer - Ecology/Zoology