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 Olivia Thorne

Olivia Thorne

Research student,


I am a research student in the school of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC), examining video games (as an industry and product) using media psychological theories to assess the content displayed to adolescents. Beyond that I am keen to get involved in collaborative work including (but not limited to), digital activism, feminist activism, the current video gaming landscape, and media cultures. My interests primarily lie within the fields of film, television, and media.

I am currently an active member of the JOMEC Feminist Media Studies Research Group.



I think therefore I am: the continuous cycle of exclusion in gaming. An investigation into the representation of characters in video gaming and the adolescent perspective.

My doctoral thesis will investigate multiple media psychological theories to further understand the representation of video gaming and its effect on adolescent gender related beliefs. Non-white male heterosexual, representation in gaming is scarce, and this is providing a space for a continued cycle of exclusion, creating a lack of perspective and, therefore, decreasing opportunity for evolution and accurate representation. 



Dr Francesca Sobande

Senior Lecturer in Digital Media Studies


Dr Hannah Hamad

Senior Lecturer Media and Communication