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 Morgan Lee

Morgan Lee

Research student,


I started my Full-time PhD in English Literature in October 2021. Before joining Cardiff's PGR cohort, I received a First-Class Honours degree from Aberystwyth University (2016-19) and then a Distinction in my Masters from Cardiff University (2019-20).

Under Professor Carl Plasa's supervision, my doctoral thesis aims to explore spectrality within Alfred Lord Tennyson's poetry, and examine how Tennyson has haunted British cultural and literary heritage since the nineteenth century. 

Alongside my studies, I am the Editor-in-Chief for the journal Intersectional Perspectives: Identity, Culture and Society (IPICS). IPICS is an online, international, interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal run by postgraduate students in ENCAP and supported by Cardiff University Press.

Within ENCAP, I currently work as a PGR Tutor for Yr 1 students. I have served as the Student Representative for English Literature and Critical and Cultural Theory since Nov 2021, and was nominated as Chair of the Student/Staff Panel for the 2022/23 academic year. I also co-organised the ENCAPsulate 2022 PGR Conference.


Research interests

  • Alfred Lord Tennyson

  • Victorian Poetry

  • Spectrality Studies

  • Jacques Derrida


I am currently a PGR Tutor teaching seminars on the Year 1 Modules Star Cross'd Lovers (Autumn) and Transgressive Bodies (Spring).

Conference Papers

  • 'The Broken Body of Tennyson's Maud', ENCAPsulate Conference, Cardiff University (Jun 2022


Remembering Tennyson: A Literary and Cultural Analysis

My thesis is developed from my MA Dissertation entitled 'Tennyson's Revenants: Spectrality and Return in Alfred Tennyson's Idylls of the King'. It aims to extend the research undertaken beyond Tennyson's singularly Arthurian collection, to instead examine spectrality throughout his poetic work. Using Jacques Derrida’s Specters of Marx as a critical framework, the thesis examines three issues: the figure of the ghost or revenant in Tennyson’s poetry; the poetry’s relationship to literary tradition; and Tennyson’s literary and cultural afterlives,  particularly through his Memoirs and letters, and his appearance as a character within Neo-Victorian fiction.