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 Mark Tuson

Mark Tuson

Research student, School of Mathematics

M1.34, 21-23 Senghennydd Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4AG

I’m a mature student and before commencing a full time PhD my work experience included time spent in the forces, the private sector and more recently the public sector.

I live in rural Carmarthenshire and enjoy the wide range of activities this enables.

If anyone wishes to discuss my research or any other related/unrelated topic an email or phone call is always welcome.


1979 – Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

2002 – MSc in Human Resource Management, Sheffield Hallam University

2015 – MSc in Applied Statistics and Operational Research, Cardiff university


I regularly tutor on the MSc programme (Applied Stats and OR), and the undergraduate Python programming course.

Research interests

Large scale simulation, especially when applied to the Healthcare and Defence sectors

Diffusion and cascade process in social networks

Modelling/simulating individual decision making processes

Research Group

Operational Research


Healthcare modelling

In 2007 Christakis and Fowler published “The spread of obesity in a large social network over 32 years” describing how the network itself seemed to influence/facilitate that spread.
I am using a combination of Agent Based and System Dynamics simulation to explore this effect with a view to understanding:
The nature of the interaction between social networks and the spread of obesity.
How this varies for different sub-groups within the larger population.
What intervention strategies might be effective in modifying that interaction.
Which sub-groups might have the most impact on resources in the future.

Photograph of Professor Paul Harper

Professor Paul Harper

Director of the Data Innovation Research Institute, Professor of Operational Research