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 Tom Allison

Tom Allison

Research student, School of Biosciences


'Biodegradable' plastic products do not necessarily break down within the natural environment and can contribute to the growing issue of plastic pollution within freshwater catchments. By focusing on wet wipe textiles, a significant pollutant within aquatic systems, and cellulose, a popular commercially used biopolymer textile, my PhD research investigates the material properties, transportation, degradation mechanisms, and environmental fate of biodegradable wet wipes from wastewater to freshwater. 

My PhD is funded by EPSRC as part of the Sustainable Plastics DTP.



Identification, Occurrence, Transport, and Fate of ‘Biodegradable’ Cellulose-based Wetwipes in Freshwater Ecosystems

Funding source

EPSRC Sustainable Plastics DTP


Dr Isabelle Durance

Professor Isabelle Durance

Professor and Director of the Water Research Institute

Professor Duncan Wass

Director of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute

Dr Ben Ward

Dr Ben Ward

Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry