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 Kaiwen Li

Kaiwen Li

Research student,

1.50, Bute Building, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3NB
Siarad Cymraeg


  • Oct 2021-present: Full-time Ph.D. student at Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff, UK

  • Mar 2021: graduated with a Master of Environmental Design of Building, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK

  • Jun 2017: graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Art Design, Weinan Normal University, Shannxi, China


Research interests

In recent years, there has been more and more news about various climate and environmental disasters caused by global warming and climate change, such as wildfires in Australia, the melting of Antarctic glaciers and the extinction of various species. People are concerned about environmental protection, energy conservation, emissions reductions and sustainable development. Some developed countries have already required that new buildings must be zero-carbon or low-carbon buildings. Some developing regions (such as China) have also begun to attach importance to the development of sustainable buildings. Hence, sustainable architecture will become an inevitable development trend, and that is why I am interested in the field of sustainable and low-carbon buildings and passive houses.


Whole Life Energy/Carbon Assessment of Passive Houses: Adapting Western Experiences into the Locality of China

This project could be considered inspirational in three ways. Firstly, by developing a new lifecycle evaluation system of passive houses for different regions of China, this study would capture the contextual diversity and complexity in practices of passive houses. Secondly, this study would help to identify feasible ways of localising existing frameworks of passive houses applicable for different project environments. Thirdly, with a refined evaluation system for passive houses, policymakers will be able to receive the knowledge necessary to promote the use of passive houses to support the sustainable development of the economy.


Dr Vicki Stevenson

Dr Vicki Stevenson

Reader, Course Director for MSc Environmental Design of Buildings, Director of Postgraduate Research


Dr Eleni Ampatzi

Senior Lecturer