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 Shannon Costello

Shannon Costello

Research student,


I am a HCRW-funded PhD student conducting research on how recording patient observations using novel mobile technology in Wales affects clinicians and the multi-disciplinary team.

Prior to this role, I completed a BSc in Social Work at Northumbria University, where I developed an interest in adult social work, and a MSc in Ageing Health and Disease at Cardiff University. 


Research interests

Through my undergraduate and postgraduate education I have developed interests in the education and professional relationships of health and social care professionals, the lived experience of older people and their support network, and the 'gap' between health and social care.

As part of my postgraduate education I developed experience in conducting a systematic review for my dissertation which illustrated the experience of bereavement on carers of people with dementia.


Using mobile technology to record patient observations: impact on care management and clinical practice.

This research aims to explore how the implementation of 'System C' across two hospitals in the Aneurin Bevan UHB impacts the clinical care of patients, professional practice, relationships in the multi-disciplinary team and the operational management of the hospitals. A mixed methods approach will be employed within a case study design to test different methodologies on the impact of System C on patient care management.

System C is a software that is being used on mobile devices to record patient observations at the bedside rather than by using paper-based forms and can provide clinicians and hospital management staff with up-to-date information. This research will investigate whether having information provided instantly through the mobile devices impacts clinical decision-making about patient care, and hospital management workflow.

Funding source

Health and Care Research Wales


Alison Bullock

Professor Alison Bullock

Director of Research, Professor - CUREMeDE


Dr Liam Turner

Senior Lecturer