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 Jessica Wallace

Jessica Wallace

Research student,


I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Cardiff University. I have completed an MSc Econ in International Relations from Cardiff University and I hold a BA (Hons) in History from Queen Mary, University of London.

My research is focused on North-South Irish relations and how they have evolved since the peace process in 1998. I am particularly interested in the impact of Brexit on these relations. 

My research interests include: Irish politics, Brexit and north south Irish relations.


Research interests


A United Ireland? Brexit and north south Irish relations 1998-2023

Brexit has been at the forefront of political discussion for years now. It is mentioned in the news frequently and with the UK now officially out of the EU there is great uncertainty. I am focusing on this discussion and uncertainty on the island of Ireland, looking specifically at the relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. I am starting in 1998 as the year of the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement and beginning of the peace process. I will consider how relations were shaped and how they changed between then and the UK's EU referendum. This will then be used to compare to how relations have been since 23 June 2016 when the UK voted to leave the EU.

I will be asking the following questions: How have north south relations in Ireland changed since the EU referendum? Has the EU made north south relations stronger, weaker or made little difference? How significant has the EU been to the Irish peace process since 1998? Has a united Ireland become more or less likely since the EU referendum? How has the North South Ministerial Council influenced north south Irish relations?

My research aims to examine north south relations and how they have changed as a result of Brexit. I will do this using qualitative research methods. I will conduct interviews and analyse documents and parliamentary debate.



Dr Thomas Leahy

Senior Lecturer in Politics


Dr Rachel Minto

Lecturer in Politics

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