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Jacob Lloyd

Research student,


I am a first-year PhD student researching the sociology of audiovisual translation, with a particular focus on amateur subtitling. While my main research areas are fansubbing and translation sociology, I am also very interested in translator activism, Catalan language and culture, and ecological and ethical sustainability in industries such as fashion.


Research interests

Audiovisual translation (AVT) is a highly modern and socio-culturally impactful form of translation, and one which merits considerable academic attention given the vast audience that translated audiovisual materials (such as films and television) may reach. My research involves applying theoretical and methodological frameworks from the field of sociology to the context of AVT in order to elicit a novel understanding of the social forces and power dynamics at play in this contemporarily relevant sub-field of translation.

Specifically, I am employing methods and theories developed by influential French social anthropologist Pierre Bourdieu (namely his conceptualisations of social practice and the field of cultural production) in order to analyse and compare professional (that is to say commerical; paid) subtitlers with their non-professional (that is to say, amateur and/or activist; unpaid) counterparts. In so doing, I hope to highlight the drastically different social dynamics that generate these distinct practices and which create very different translation strategies. I hypothesise that the different forms of capital at play in these resepective contexts (professional and non-professional subtitling) engender a paradigmatic shift in focus from social competition to social collaboration.

While not strictly linked to my current research, other areas of interest for me include Catalan language and culture (having lived and studied in Barcelona), and ecological/environmental and consumer sustainability (I am currently employed in the sustainability sector).

The research I am undertaking for my PhD in Languages and Translation Studies falls under MLANG's 'Transnational cultural and visual studies' research theme, as well as the expert tutorage of Dr Tilmann Altenberg and Dr Abdel-Wahab Khalifa.


Investigating audiovisual translators in non-professional settings through the lens of translation sociology